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Plastic Rotational Molding

We are a professional rotational molding/roto-molding products manufacturer with our own rotational mold production plant. We make precision aluminum rotational mold with CNC Milling Machines. We also make steel plate rotational mould by welding. Our service also include assembling the metal or plastic components with roto-molded body. We also offer hassle-free export logistics and can deliver to your door.

Our facility is located in Shanghai, it is very convenient for you to visit, only around a 10 minutes drive way from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Our major products are including rotational molded Outdoor fitness equipment, Large-scale amusement toys, and Manufacture of plastic mold products. Rotational molding plant construction area is more than 20,000 square meters, there are more than 300 workers, with more than 50% of professionals & technical employees and management team.

Rotational Molding Advantages:
- consistent wall thickness, reinforcing ribs can be added;
- pre-finished pieces (metal threads, internal pipes and structures, different colored plastics) can be added to the mold;
- different colors can be used without purging the mold;
- less material wasted

Rotational Molding Limitations:
- low pressure process, hard to reach areas in the mold;
- the entire mold must be cooled, long production cycle time;
- expensive mold making cost.

Rotational Molding Capabilities:
- Material Choices: HDPE, LLDPE, etc…
- Molded Wall-Thickness: 3mm ~ 18mm.
- Molded Size Range: 50mm ~ 4,000mm.
- Molded Weight Range: 0.5kg ~ 250kg.
- We can do foaming filling inside the rotational molded products, as well as the metal inserts.
- We can also make high precision threaded rotational molding, and double-layered rotational molded products with two colors.

Tooling Guarantees:
The ownership of the tooling will be of course yours. Such INVESTMENT you make in the tooling is a one time investment. We will maintain your tooling with no cost at your end at all. We offer a life cycle guarantee on tools we supply as standard.

Rotational Molding Tooling:

Rotational Molding Equipment & Facility

We use non-toxic and environmental friendly raw materials, comply with TUVEN1176 European standard. We have first class imported equipment and high-tech manufacturing process, passed ISO9001:2000 certificate, CE certificate, ISO14001:2004 certificate and OHSAS18000 certificate.

We adopted the advanced electrostatic powder coating production line, the Japanese OTC robotic welding system, automatic rolling machine, blow molding machine, injection molding machine, and we have the complete functions of CNN machining center.

We majorly provide products for Community, public park, kindergarten, shopping mall, and so on, with indoor and outdoor amusement rotational molded facility products such like fitness equipment, large children combined slide, children’s desks and chairs, rubber floor mat, soft playground, etc.

We also custom make aluminum alloy material mold for plastic parts, using international advanced precision mold processing method and rapid processing method to make wall thickness uniform and high precision mold, so as to ensure the quality of the all kinds of plastic products.

We have great experience in supplying the US and the European MARKETS, as well as Australian and Mexican markets.

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