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Mulan Manufacturing Group is invested by a group of manufacturers in China acting as the exporting business department. All the manufacturers have been supplying Chinese trading companies for several years and now we are doing the exporting business ourselves. We are located in Shanghai, very convenient for you to visit.

Our own factories are including plastic injection molding, plastic rotational molding, plastic extrusion molding, thick plastic thermoforming, investment casting, die casting, welding, punching, machining, etc.. You can find out our capabilities by visiting our other webpages. If your products cannot be made in our own factories, we will use our partner factories to produce them. We will choose the most appropriate factory for your products and will take care of the entire production progress for you. We have a good relationship with a lot of factories which have different capabilities and we have been working together with them for a very long time, so they will treat our orders as priority.

We focus on custom manufacturing, and we have our own team of engineers to support the exporting production only, who are very familiar with the international grades and standards, our Chief of Engineer has been working in exporting area for almost a decade now. We have a team of Quality Control as well to inspect on the quality.

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