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Die Casting

The most common aluminum for die cast manufacturersare A356 and A380.
The materials suitable for die casting are Aluminum and Zinc.The most common aluminum for die casting are A356 and A380.And for zinc material, it could be Zamak serise and zinc alloys.We can make die casted hinges, locks, automobile and motorcycle parts, gear box, etc.The largest die casted part we could make is sized by 750mm*750mm, around 45kg.The largest die casting equipment we have is 3800 tons.We also do secondary operation including heat treatment and shot blasting.We have high technical force and can also machine the part after casting, we have got CNC machining center and CNC lathe equipment.

We have:
1) 0.3mm steel ball hanging type shot blasting machine;
2) 0.5mm steel ball rolling type shot blasting machine;
3) 25cm wide JGS (plane formula belt sender).

Zinc Die Casting
For zinc die casting, the most common material are Zamak serise and zinc alloys.

Advantages of Die Casting:
1. High accuracy;
2. Cast surface is very smooth;
3. Die casting could make very thin walls;
4. Inserts like threads could be casted-in;
5. Less need of secondary operation such like machining;
6. Production rate is higher;
7. Better casting tensile strength;

Disadvantages of Die Casting:
1. High cost;
2. Needs a large volume to be economic;
3. Material choice is limited;
4. Porosity of casted parts.

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