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Metal Fabrication

Injection Molded Products

What We Can Offer You:
(1) Prototypes, small batch production, high volume production.
(2) High quality and competitive price.
(3) CNC centers and quality control.
(4) CMM or third-party quality inspection service if needed.
(5) Solid model solutions, produce parts from your 3D CAD files.
(6)Parts drawing construction from sample service, if you do not have the drawing.

Manufacturing Processes:
(1)CNC Punching
(2) Laser/ Flame Cutting
(3) Forging
(4) Tooling & Mold Making
(5) Shearing & Bending
(6) Precision Stamping/Deep Drawing
(7) Machining & Drilling
(8) Automatic/Robotic Welding
(9) Fastener Installation
(10) Surface Finishing
(11) Assembly & Packaging
(12) Painting/Silk-Screening

We custom manufacture parts based on your requests or drawings, please send your Request for Quotation to our email address at